Tallassee Armory Guards - SCV Camp No. 1921

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2016 Student Living History

For three years, independence for the Southern States had been fought for, and central Alabama had been spared the destruction of war. However, the summer of 1864 brought change. U.S. Brig. Gen. Lovell H. Rousseau lead a cavalry raid through the center of Alabama to destroy Confederate supply lines between Montgomery and Atlanta, and in April 1865, U.S. Brig. Gen. James H. Wilson raided Selma after routing Gen. N.B. Forrest’s small cavalry force. Wilson’s force of 13,500 seasoned Yankee marauders continued eastward through Montgomery and passed within 7 miles of Tallassee on their way to Columbus, GA and the end of the invasion of the Southland. Tallassee’s Confederate Armory, manufacturing facility of the Tallassee Carbine and Tallassee Falls Manufacturing Co., maker of cotton cloth for Confederate tents and uniforms were spared destruction.

On Thursday November 10th, 2016, you and your students are invited to experience a day in the life of a Civil War soldier.

This program is designed to be a learning experience through hands-on and on-site examples of daily living in a time of war, where the soldier’s hardships of daily life ranged from meal prep, to travel, to medical needs, to battle, and much more.



  • Students will learn about the national and battle flags used during the four year conflict.


  • Students will be exposed to period music used to inspire excitement in battle, as well as, help forget the loneliness of being away from home and love ones.


  • Students will learn the process of fabric making in the 1860's, complete with a period correct spinning wheel.


  • Students will view and may be asked to participate in a mock treatment of battlefield injuries. They will hear about medicines used and medical treatments that were available or unavailable.

Story Telling

  • This year we are honored to have John T. Wayne, writer, speaker and book author, and grandson of John Wayne the famous actor, who will be doing story telling for the children.


  • Students will watch as the blacksmith forges nails, horseshoes and any hardware needed to keep the soldiers and their equipment in good working order.


  • Students will be exposed to cannon loading and firing. There is little to compare for the feel of battle than the sound and smoke of large artillery fire!


  • Students learn how a soldiers horse was as important to him as his weapons!

Period Dancing

  • Feel and experience the elegance of a Southern Ball and dance the Virginia Reel.

Other exhibits will include: Confederate Soldiers Uniform and Equipment, Marching & Drilling, Transportation, and Sutlers


This program will last for approx. 2 hours. Each group will be assigned a guide to insure movement from exhibit to exhibit. Reservations are required and must be received no later than Monday, November 3rd to insure placement in the tour. Student admission is $5.00 each. No charge for teachers, chaperones and bus drives for the Student History Day on Friday. Lunch will be offered on Friday through a local vender at a charge of about $5.00.

For reservation and additional information, contact: Sharon Kilpatrick at astepbackintime59@gmail.com or phone her at: 334-233-9771. Also see Facebook page at: Tallassee "Battles for the Armory" School Day.