Tallassee Armory Guards - SCV Camp No. 1921

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Our Confederate Ancestors

Below are photos of the ancestors of members of the Tallassee Armory Guards.


Pvt. William Marion Benson

Pvt. William Marion Benson
Father of Dr. James Marion Benson. Grandfather of Willie Faye Benson Hughey. Great Grandfather of Fred Randall Hughey.

This photograph is an enlargement of a picture which appeared in the "Tallassee Mills Briefs," February, 1918.


Confederate Veterans on the steps of the Old White Store in Tallassee Alabama

Tallassee's Remaining Confederate Veterans Made on the steps of the "Old White Store" (Town Hall) Barnett Blvd., Circa 1918-26

Bottom Row (L-R) #5 "Pap" Garrett; #6 (With Wooden Leg) Madison Matthew Lambert; #7 Robert Haiiey Jackson Mallory.

Top Row (L-R) #10 Johnson D. Hill; #11 William Marion Benson; #13 "Grandpa" J.P. Kersey. Woman with Confederate Battle Flag is Berta Coker. Others may have been Mr. Whatley, Mr. Dobbs, Mr. Flurry, possibly, Capt. J.M. Hethcox and Mr. J.T. Forbus


Cpl. Alfred E. Penton- 38th Mississippi Mntd. Infantry Co. C

Cpl. Alfred E. Penton - 38th Mississippi Mntd. Infantry Co. C
Ancestor of Terry Black


Sgt. Robert William Rowell- 63rd Alabama Infantry Co.A

Sgt. Robert William Rowell - 63rd Alabama Infantry Co.A
Ancestor of Steve Harris


Pvt. Swinton W. Barber-9th Louisanna Infantry Co.I

Pvt. Swinton W. Barber - 9th Louisanna Infantry Co.I
Ancestor of Joseph D.Barber


Pvt. Joseph J. Johnson- 53rd Alabama Cavalry Co.K

Pvt. Joseph J. Johnson - 53rd Alabama Cavalry Co.K
Ancestor of Ed Henderson



Pvt. Theophilus F. Botsford- 47th Al. Infantry Co. D

Pvt. Theophilus F. Botsford - 47th Al. Infantry Co. D
Ancestor of Tim Watkins


Lt. Simeon W. Melton-47th Al. Inf. Co. B

Lt. Simeon W. Melton - 47th Al. Inf. Co. B

Ancestor of Donald J. Melton, Tim and Bobby Watkins


3rd. Sgt. William J. Griffith, 47th Al. Inf. Co. B

3rd. Sgt. William J. Griffith - 47th Al. Inf. Co. B

Ancestor of Terry Davis


Pvt. Neal Strahan Jr.9th Louisiana Infantry Regiment Co. I

Pvt. Neal Strahan Jr. - 9th Louisiana Infantry Regiment Co. I

Ancestor of Joe Barber


Pvt. Isaac Newton Hightower, 45th AL Infantry Co. F and Julie Duncan Crockett

Pvt. Isaac Newton Hightower - 45th Alabama Infantry Co. F
Julie Duncan Crockett (cousin of COL Davey Crocket)

Ancestors of Adam Robinson